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Fire Hoses

Endowment Fund

The Township of Langley Firefighter’s Charitable Society is comprised of approximately 100 career firefighters, 100 paid on-call firefighters, as well as fire department administration staff.

As a team, we volunteer our off-duty time and resources regularly to support many local Langley charities, organizations, and causes. Since 2014 we have been dedicated to working diligently to help our community.

Fundraising is our biggest goal. We not only support, but also create and host many of the benevolent events in Langley. All the funds that we donate go directly to support local charities, initiatives, and causes with 99% of the monies raised being directed back into the community. All of our members are off-duty volunteers with no paid or compensated positions. 

Our endowment fund enables you to donate funds, securities, insurance, or bequests to support the long-term future and legacy of our charity as well as the organizations we support. 

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